Embedded Vision

NVIDIA® Development Kits

The Imaging Source's embedded development kit for the Jetson Nano platform enables rapid development of embedded vision and AI projects.

The Imaging Source provides pre-built drivers for the FPD-Link III interface and the sensor modules compiled for the latest NVIDIA JetPack SDK versions. For integration of the sensor and interface drivers into a custom kernel, the source code of all drivers is available to our customers upon request. All sensors use either the standard video-4-linux API or NVIDIA's proprietary API based on libargus as their programming interface. The video4linux interface provides RAW video data only and allows for direct control of all sensor parameters.

Leveraging the hardware ISP (Image Signal Processor) available on all Jetson platforms, the NVIDIA libargus interface delivers a processed video stream to the application with de-mosaicing, color correction and white balance algorithms applied. The Imaging Source provides a default configuration file for the ISP. Using the NVIDIA GStreamer interface for libargus, the application can interface with NVIDIA's standard Jetson ecosystem software stack which enables the efficient integration of powerful image processing frameworks such as DeepStream, Visionworks and others.

  • Sony and ONSemi sensor modules
  • Serializer / deserializer
  • USB card reader
  • Additional hardware (cables, screws, standoffs etc.)
  • Downloadable kernel images
  • HALCON Ready

Pre-built kernel drivers are available for NVIDIA JetPack 4.3 SDK. The drivers are compliant with the NVIDIA l4t video4Linux interface and work with the standard NVIDIA software stack like JetCam, DeepStream SDK and others. The source code for all drivers is available upon request.

關於 The Imaging Source

自1990年成立以來, The Imaging Source 兆鎂新 成為全球製造工業相機、影像擷取卡及視訊轉換器的領導者之一, 產品系列已廣泛地應用於工業自動化、品質檢測、物流、醫學、科學研究及保全等領域。

我們全方位的產品系列包括了 USB 3.1USB 3.0USB 2.0GigE 等多元介面的工業相機以及相關機器視覺產品, 皆以創新、高品質及持續滿足高性能應用需求而著名。

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